About Our Company

Exalter Group is a result of an entrepreneurial vision that started the saga in the demesne of real estate by providing independent and builder house site to people at affordable prices in entire National Capital Region and North India. Exalter Group is just another tale of this successful saga. The passion, fortitude and commitment towards supremacy have taken the Group so far. Today, the Group is catering the needs of all genres by building commercial and residential buildings.

Exalter Group has laid on the foundation of innovative thinking backed up with customer centric approach, something that makes us stand different in the crowd. The experienced professionals of the Group have always strived for standard quality, robust engineering, in-house research, obdurate business ethics, undying values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct.

The management at Exalter Group has a dormant energy and confidence owing to professionalism that has resulted in desirable working efficiency. We take it as a responsibility to provide unsurpassed real estate solutions by adding value to your lifestyle and without making h hole in your pocket. We are known for maintaining on impressive portfolio of diversified real estate assets with current interests in huge area of holiday homes, primarily located in Ranikhet and Nainital.

With an aim to touch some milestones, the group promises to deliver value added services which speak of our quality and commitment in years to come.

About Management

Mr. Zafar Akbar (Chairman)

Mr. Zafar Akbar, the Chairman of Exalter Group is an upcoming leader who will be known for his professionalism and commitment. With nearly 12 years of experience in delivering housing opportunities, he has great passion and urge to offer a new living lifestyle to thousands of people.

Mr. Zafar Akbar,the brain behind this business, laid down the foundation by joining his family business. It was his innovation, impeccable ideas, hard work, dedication and passion to deliver excellence which accelerated the business to great heights. He gained stupendous experience at a very young age, in short time span, which is commendable. His thirst towards constant upgradation forced Exalter Group to come up with novel ideas towards the rejuvenation of their service to their customers.

The feather in our cap is all set to add with our projects of which few are holiday homes and other are residential homes in Delhi & NCR. All these projects will be a boon for people who wish to have a lavish lifestyle at affordable rate. Come and experience a different world with us.

Mr. Ali Akbar (Managing Director)

Mr. Ali Akbar is known for his ability of identifying the perfect opportunities and in implementing best construction practices by the acquisition of new materials and focusing on technology as a means to achieve quality construction. He is a dynamic young entrepreneur who has through his visualization and guidance, successfully implemented the crucial reforms in the field of real estate.

Mr. Ali Akbar, a man of values and ethics is known in the real estate market of National Capital Region for his dedication, sincerity and honesty. By the completion of 22 years of his life, he entered into the field of real estate with the vision of success and client satisfaction. He has played a pivotal role in the growth of the Group.

Mr. Ali Akbar gives his maximum to preserve the comprehensive and influential quality assurance mechanism of Exalter Group while abiding to magnify the quality of services.

Capt. Pushpendra Singh (Director )

He is well known for his hands on approach on every aspect, is it dealing with clients, bankers or investors. He has the uncanny ability to accurately predict or forecast what the market will do. Now, he is establishing himself as a visionary with an impressive foresight, leading the Exalter Group to new horizon.

Capt. Singh's revolutionary business plans, innovative marketing strategies and friendly nature with employees have been some of the reasons why the group has continued to go from one benchmark to another.

Capt. Pushpendra Singh is an enthusiastic forerunner with a significant career in the field of aviation. He started his career by joining Delta Air Aviation in Philippines as flying instructor in 2008. His eagerness to keep on moving in professional and personal life made him to incept Saraah Aviation Corp. Inc., a charter and cargo company, in Philippines and he worked here as Company Pilot and Vice President in 2009.

Our Vision and Mission


Exalter Group aims for a pan India footprint with continuous dedication to quality and complete customer satisfaction. We follow the tradition of personal and professional integrity to provide people with the best of facilities, luxurious amenities and salubrious environments. We are looking forward to lead the way for next generation of real estate development by introducing new trends in the field.

We, at Exalter Group, implement the international standards to develop its projects and provide ideal investment opportunities and inventive real estate solutions, both locally and globally, that exceeds our client's expectations.


The mission of Exalter Group is to grow and fabricate the activities through a solid base and flexible structure whilst emphasizing clear criteria for measuring performance. We measure our success by the happiness and trust of our clients.

We continuously work to improve our competitive edge through innovations, motivations and suggestion schemes and customers feedback. Exalter Group is committed to creating enjoyable real estate transactions through the efforts of the most dedicated professionals supported newfangled programs, tools and management. We remain faithful to the provision of diverse services based on long experience and professional capabilities.